Bend Log Homes
The Northwest's Log Home Repair Specialist

Improving Old World Craftsmanship with New World Technology 

Our mission is to build beautiful and lasting products for our customers to be 
proud of and enjoy for generations to come.

About Michael:
Michael Weeks has been doing log work and custom building projects his whole life. His professional career began fifteen years ago and has grown to a prominent custom log home remodel and repair company based out of Bend, Oregon. He specializes in log home repairs that many would turn down because of the difficult and complicated nature of the work. Jobs like leaning chimneys, rotten log replacement, foundation repair, sagging and out of level houses, and custom interior repair; no job is out of reach for Bend Log Homes. A true freelance engineer, Michael loves designing on site and in remote locations. In his free time Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, snowboarding, surfing, designing and building custom metal work, and caring for his property and farm animals.

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